James Madison University

2012 Teaching and Research Grants

Teaching Grants – CHBS Recipients for 2012

Donna Trimm
Teaching Clinical Reasoning and Developing Clinical Imagination

Michele Kielty Briggs and Tammy Gilligan
Mindfulness and K-12 Education: Training Graduate Students to Provide Wellness Programs to K-12 School Communities

Joshua Baldwin
The Course Development for Forensic Social Work

Stacey Pavelko and Anne Stewart
An Interprofessional Partnership: Working Together for Teacher and Student Success

Research Grants - CHBS Recipients for 2012

Krisztina Jakobsen
The Power of Faces to Capture Attention Across the Lifespan

Michael Saunders
Influences of Contemporary Macronutrient Intake Strategies on Prolonged Cycling Performance

Elizabeth Edwards
Cardiovascular Risk, Exercise, and Women – CREW

Christopher Clinard
Effects of Aging on the Neural Representation of Dynamic Sounds

Lincoln Gray
High-Frequency Speakers for Collaborative Mouse-Hearing Research

Kia Johnson and Christy Ludlow
Investigation of Brain Differences in People Who Stutter (PWS) using fNIRS: A Comparison of Outcomes of Speech Perception and Production Training Methods