Community Service/Clinical Programs

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Suitcase Clinic

The Suitcase Clinic is a homeless healthcare initiative dedicated to improving the health of the local homeless population.

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Integrated Primary Care Behavioral Health Clinic (IPCBH) - The Health Place

The Health Place is a satellite of the James Madison University Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services. As such, it embraces the mission of the IIHHS which is to engage students in career preparation by promoting scholarship, providing interprofessional learning experiences, and connecting our campus with communities through innovative programs that advance quality of life. The Health Place responds to community identified need, with unduplicated services, by partnering with faculty, students and community partners, to develop innovative, interprofessional services and programs that advance the quality of life.

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Interprofessional Services for Learning Assessment (ISLA)

ISLA offers a variety of services to help meet client’s educational goals. Our interprofessional team will work closely with client’s to build on strengths, identify areas of need, and design positive ways to promote academic success.

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Interprofessional Autism Clinic (IPAC)

The Interprofessional Autism Clinic (IPAC) provides in-depth multi-disciplinary assessment and intervention for children ages 2- 10 years old with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or suspected ASD. The clinic is staffed with a licensed occupational therapist, a licensed speech and language pathologist, and a licensed clinical psychologist / licensed behavior analyst, in addition to supervised graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in each of these academic programs.

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Interprofessional Family Review (IPR)

The Interprofessional Family Review is a monthly interprofessional consultative meeting in which home visitors for Healthy Families Page and Shenandoah Counties consult with nursing and graduate psychology faculty about challenges they experience in providing family support for families enrolled in the programs. Faculty, students and staff representing other professions are included as appropriate.

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Occupational Therapy Clinical Education Services (OTCES)

James Madison University’s Occupational Therapy Clinical Education Services (JMU-OTCES) is a multi-faceted organization promoting student development, interprofessional collaboration and clinical research while meeting the needs of children, families, and community agencies in Harrisonburg and surrounding areas. Services include traditional one-on-one occupational therapy evaluations, interventions, and consultative services.

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