all college meeting

All College IPE and IDE Meeting

The primary topic for this first meeting was to consider how we might design and institutionalize interdisciplinary, collaborative experiences that both enhance student learning and result in some tangible recognition. This recognition or designation will serve as evidence of student achievement of a set of competencies in interdisciplinary collaboration. This may sound like IPE - interprofessional education - and it is based on the IPE framework. We used the term ‘interdisciplinary’ because we realize that not all majors represent a ‘profession,’ yet all majors have something important to contribute to interdisciplinary teams.

IPE (interdisciplinary collaboration) is an important strategic initiative for our College, and many of you have developed creative and meaningful interdisciplinary courses and experiences for our students. Some of you have given a lot of thought to interdisciplinary education beyond what we do currently. Others may need to learn more or have important questions that should be considered as we institutionalize interdisciplinary experiences in a more systematic way. Input gathered at this meeting informs the work of our IPE Council and subsequent decision making of AUHs and units.