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Dr. Sobel Wins 2016 Diversity Enhancement Award Program

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In March 2016, Linda L Sobel RN, PhD, Associate Professor of Nursing was selected to receive recognition as the Instructional Faculty winner of the 2016 Diversity Enhancement Award Program.

The purpose of the annual Diversity Enhancement Awards Program is to recognize individuals that have demonstrated a significant commitment to enhance diversity at James Madison University.  Dr. Sobel was a worthy recipient of this award because of her leadership, inspiration, and excellence in the field of diversity enhancement. 

Dr. Sobel is the current Chair of the School of Nursing Diversity Committee and has been actively involved with this committee since 2006.  Dr. Sobel currently teaches Nursing 490: Nursing and HHS Interprofessional Studies in Costa Rica, a four week summer study abroad course with focus on language immersion, cultural immersion, and service. Dr. Sobel is co-author of a 2015 journal article publication “Guiding the process of culturally competent care with Hispanic patients: a grounded theory” published in the Journal of Transcultural Nursing.  Dr. Sobel exemplifies these values in her commitment to enhance and support diversity locally and globally in healthcare and beyond.