James Madison University

Leadership Council

The CHBS Leadership Council is comprised of the Dean, the Associate Deans, the heads of each of the academic units of the College, the director of Lab Operations, the director of TSEC, one member selected by the Dean's Faculty Advisory Council, and the Dean's Administrative Assistant. The Dean serves as chair of this body. The Council is a deliberative, decision-making body with the charge of administering the College in such a way as to achieve the goals of the College. As the administrative structure of the University is based on colleges and departments/ schools for the allocation, monitoring and reporting of resources (personnel, equipment, operating budget), the Leadership Council ensures fair and effective use of College resources, and serves as the vehicle for distributing and tracking resources within the College. The Council considers issues and conducts strategic planning within the context of the mission of the institution and the broader perspective of changes in higher education and the state of the Commonwealth. This Council ensures that decisions reflect full consideration of all aspects of the College including, not only the individual academic units, but also undergraduate and graduate academic programs, outreach programs, and research programs. The Council is also charged with planning and coordinating all official functions of the College and ensuring College representation at appropriate University events.

Committee Members

Department Members
Communication Sciences and Disorders Cindy O'Donoghue
Graduate Psychology Robin Anderson
Health Sciences Allen Lewis
Kinesiology Chris Womack
Nursing Julie Sanford
Psychology Kevin Apple
Social Work Lisa McGuire
Associate Dean Rhonda Zingraff
Associate Dean Paula Maxwell
TSEC Lanny Burt
  Sharon Lovell