James Madison University

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council will be comprised of the coordinator from each graduate program in the College, one representative from each academic unit without a graduate program, and the Associate Dean. An academic unit may choose to have fewer representatives than the coordinator from each graduate program based on structural differences within each unit. The Dean serves as an ex officio member of the Council. The Graduate Council is charged with overseeing curricula matters of the graduate programs of the College. The Council is also charged with being proactive in working with interested, designated faculty early in the program conceptualization stage and being analytic in addressing the long range benefits and costs involved in course and program development. The Council should seek to encourage and support curricular development congruent with the 29 Characteristics of the institution and the goals of the College. The Council will be active in facilitating discussion and sharing among all program coordinators. The Committee will accomplish its work by maintaining good communication with faculty regarding proposals, considerations and decisions. The Council will make recommendations and report through the Associate Dean to the Leadership Council and the Dean, and to the Dean's Faculty Advisory Council through representation on that body.

Committee Members

Department Members
Communication Sciences and Disorders Carol Dudding
Ayasakanta Rout
Graduate Psychology Debbi Bandalos
Gregg Henriques
Tammy Gilligan
Joshua Bacon
Debbie Sturm
Jeff Dyche
Health Sciences Jeremy Akers
Chair 2015-2016
Twylla Kirchen
Rob Koslow
Jerry Weniger
Kinesiology Nick Luden
Nursing Andrea Knopp   
Psychology Jeff Dyche 
Social Work Lisa McGuire
Associate Dean Paula Maxwell