James Madison University

Diversity in CHBS

Mission Statement

The James Madison University College of Health and Behavioral Studies’ Diversity Council is committed to facilitating diversity among CHBS faculty, staff and students. The mission of the Council is to promote inclusiveness within the College by removing the barriers which prevent the full participation of all individuals and groups including, but not limited to, race, gender, ethnicity, culture and nationality, sexual orientation, disabilities, socio-economic background, or religion. CHBS is committed to preparing future leaders and enlightened individuals who have been educated in environments that are enhanced through diversity and who are committed to the belief that all people are enriched by the diversity within our communities. To this end, we will increase awareness of the merits of diversity through educational events, ensure that our curricula address diversity and provide a supportive environment that celebrates diversity.

Diversity Council Members

Department Members
Communication Sciences and Disorders Christina Kuo
Graduate Psychology TBA     
Health Sciences Amy Russell
Kinesiology Tom Moran
Nursing Joy Harnage       
Psychology Bill Evans
Social Work Karen Myers
Associate Dean *Rhonda Zingraff
IIHHS Representatives Emily Akerson

Diversity Events

Diversity News

Diversity Resources

Historic Documents

View a full-size copy of the Diversity Council Resolution

Statistical Summaries

The most recent summary of first majors with declarations by race and ethnicity provided may be reviewed here: http://www.jmu.edu/instresrch/statsum/2015-16/T3-10_2015.pdf.

The most recent summary of first majors clustered by college, with declarations by gender provided, may be reviewed here: http://www.jmu.edu/instresrch/statsum/2015-16/T3-12_2015.pdf.

JMU’s international student population listed by country of origin is summarized here: http://www.jmu.edu/instresrch/statsum/2015-16/T2-27_2015.pdf.

Ethnicity, sex and tenure status of full-time faculty, displayed by college, may be reviewed here: http://www.jmu.edu/instresrch/statsum/2015-16/T4-6_2015.pdf.